Loved ones, as your Lord I am giving you access to the things of My Kingdom. I want you to know that you are going from glimpses of My Kingdom to the full-on glory of My Kingdom. The days of small glimpses of My Kingdom are coming to an end. As your Lord I am releasing the fullness of My spirit over My church and creation. This will bring an abundance of healing and restoration to My church. I will bring back those who went into hiding because of the misdirected actions of My church. I will restore and promote those who have been shunned by the church. I have given these, of My choosing, special gifts to enhance and advance My Kingdom.

My church, if you want to see Kingdom, then accept those who I send to you. They are the ones who I have created and equipped for such a time as this. You will know, in your spirit, who they are. They are the ones who will complete My church. My church needs a five-fold ministry in order to operate and survive with what is coming. Anything less will not work. I am sending out apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers (Eph. 4:11-15). Many of the churches try to work without all that I have given them to work with. That is like trying to work without an arm or a leg, or without hearing or seeing, and being without understanding. My children, I designed My church to work with all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit not with just a few. I designed all these gifts to work together in unison, and to compliment each other, so you will have a complete and whole body to work with. To be effective for the Kingdom you need all your body parts, because you are the body of Christ, My church.

What’s coming is not a one church or a one man effort. In order to stand you must be unified in body, mind, and spirit with Me, and your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Daddy God


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