Kingdom comes for those of you who have chosen to give Me your all. I, your Lord, will promote you to the Kingdom assignments I have spoken over you. These assignments are promotions, and places that I have assigned to you and others. My children, there are no lone rangers in these assignments. You need to have connections with Me, and with others in My Kingdom.

This is a time of Kingdom connections. A network built on relationships between you, and your brothers and sisters in Christ. I am building this network so My church will operate in unity. What is coming is not based on competition, but on love, honor, and respect for each other. You are not here to compete with each other, but to build each other up. You will accomplish much more working together as a Kingdom family than in competition with each other.

The plans of the enemy are always to divide and conquer, and he uses the spirit of competition to bring down unity. I want you, My children, to work together as a team. I have designed you, and your destiny to work in unison with others and their destinies. You are timed and designed to work together like a fine clock. Destinies will interlock with each other so you and others can accomplish the work of the Kingdom. The goal here is to work together as a team for each other’s benefit and that of My Kingdom. This is accomplished by love for each other, and your Lord. As your Lord, I will put into you a “team spirit” based on how it is in My heaven.

Remember, loved ones, you are a body based on love and unity.


Daddy God


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