(Factor: Something that actively contributes to a result.)

Dear ones, as your Lord, I am bringing My Kingdom to earth. You have heard Me say this before, but these are not just words in passing. This, My beloved, is backed up by your God. I am bringing My Kingdom. Nothing can stop Me from doing this. Many are in doubt, and are thinking, “I have heard this before, and nothing has happened”. You have yet to see your God activate the Kingdom Factor. I am telling you children, you will see it very soon. I am not talking years or even months. I am talking days. In the days ahead you will see My activation of things that have been promised and spoken over you both individually and corporately provided that you have given Me your all.

Loved ones, I cannot give you Kingdom things if you have not totally surrendered your life to Me, your Lord. I will not go where I have not been invited. If you cannot let Me have full access to your heart then I cannot cleanse and sanctify you so you can receive what I have for you. I need new wineskins, loved ones. The old ones will never do for I am doing a new thing in My church. The levels that I am taking you to requires total surrender to Me, your Lord.

The old ways of doing things in My church simply will not make the grade. You cannot go into higher places without Me giving you a heart upgrade. That requires giving Me your all. The choice is yours to make, loved ones. What will it be? Will you continue in dead works or choose to walk in the Kingdom life that I have spoken over you? You will have to make a decision soon for My plans, and purposes are moving forward. It is Kingdom time!


Daddy God



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