Loved ones, I am your Lord who is always on the lookout for you. I know the plans of the enemy even before he speaks them. Those things that run counter to My plans. My plans will always work for I know the plans of man and the enemy beforehand. Nothing is hidden from Me. I have already spoken failure over any plans that run contrary to what I have planned for My people (church), and My creation.

My people, you can rest in the assurance that your Lord will always have the upper hand. It has already been determined who will win. Read My word beloved. It is already written, and has been decided who wins. We win! My word is My bond. I have never broken covenant with My people. My word will always stand. There is no power on earth or in heaven that can change it. My children, trust My word for it will always fulfill what I have spoken over you. There is power in My word. It is trustworthy and sure. My word is not some kind of fairytale or pipe dream. It is Yes and Amen! My children, your future is already written. There is nothing to fear.

As your Lord, I have already gone ahead of you, and sprung all the traps that the enemy has laid out for you. I know the plans that I have for you, and they are good. A plan to bless your coming in, and going out, to prosper you in the ways of the Kingdom, and a new way of living and thinking along Kingdom lines. My loved ones, trust Me and My word for I and My word will stand throughout eternity. The I AM is a sure thing.


Daddy God


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