Dear ones, as your Lord, I have a word for you about the hereafter. In My heavenly realm the history of your exploits have already been recorded. As your Lord I have laid out your history on a corporate level as well as an individual level. Do you not see, My loved ones, that the battle is Mine, and that the victory is ours? You may doubt your capabilities, but never doubt the capabilities of your Lord for I have the final say in all things.

I can tell you that the enemy is on the run. It may not look that way to you, but I can assure you he is. He knows that his time is short. He is also aware that I have the final say for I am the Lord of all. What I am saying here, children, is that there is no reason to fear your future for you are in your loving Father’s capable hands. Trust Me with your future for I am the one who has spoken over every day of your life here on this earth. Your ultimate destiny is to be with Me throughout eternity through the acceptance of My Son Jesus as your Lord. My children, remember who I am when you come up against things that look insurmountable. I don’t care how big it looks to you. You remember who I am! I have the final say!

Trust Me, My beloved, to come through for you. It is My pleasure to come to the aide of those who love and trust Me with their all. Children, remember who your Heavenly Father is. I am the one who has spoken over you for your ultimate good. I promise you that you will not be disappointed in trusting Me as your God.


Daddy God


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