(Definition of temperance: To abstain from, to hold oneself back, voluntarily to do without, refrain from.)

Dear ones, I am your Lord. You need to know that I am taking you above and beyond the levels where you currently are. In order for you to do this your focus needs to be on Me, your Lord. You must lay down all those things that are a distraction from knowing Me in a deeper way. Those things that keep you from pressing into Me that distract you from following Me. Those things may look innocent enough, but if they are bigger in your life than I am then it is time to lay them down.

If you want Kingdom life then your focus has to be on Me, your Lord. If these things are a pull on your attention, and time that you need to spend with Me, then it is time to lay them down. It may be certain activities that you are passionate about that draw your attention, time, and money. As your Lord, I want to be your passion. I want your time and finances. Surrender them to Me. I will give you more time and finances than you have ever had in the past, and more time to do things with your family and for My Kingdom. I will bless your finances so that when I tell you to give generously you will be able to do it without hesitation. I will not be stingy in the pouring out of My blessings over you.

My children, the requirement is that you have to give Me your all. There cannot be any holding back of anything in your life. You need to place it in your Heavenly Father’s capable hands for I can turn your ashes to beauty. I can take your life and speak over it everything that I intended it to be, but you must give Me your all. Do not settle for ashes, loved ones.

Let Me speak the beauty that I have created you to be. Trust Me, as your Lord, to do this for you.


Daddy God


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