Dear ones, as your Father, I am putting you on the road for renewed faith. I am bringing things that have been promised, and spoken over you that will renew your faith in Me, your Lord. I know, loved ones, that the wait has worn your faith down, and has made you faint of heart. It is My intention to completely fulfill every word that has been spoken over you.

You are weary of the waiting, but I ask you, as your Lord, to hang on for a little bit longer. Do not give up, loved ones, for My promises to you are firm and true. The season we are moving into is that of building your faith. This is the time where you will see those things that you have been longing for come to the forefront. This will be solid evidence of My goodness and divinity. I know it has been a rough road for many, but I am telling you, My children, that what I have spoken over you I will do. You can count on Me, your Heavenly Father, to fulfill My words for what I speak never returns to Me void.

Please, My loved ones, hang on a little longer for what I have for you is far more than what you expect. You won’t be disappointed, because as your papa I intend to be extravagant in My giving to My children. The things needed to help heal you, and to bring My Kingdom to earth.


Daddy God


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