My children, I am your Lord who is on the lookout for seasoned warriors. Those who have committed their all to Me who have decided that there is no other life than Kingdom life. They are not settling for the things of this world or what the enemy has to offer. They know what true treasure looks like. Treasure that lasts forever not ever to be lost or stolen.

The hearts of My Kingdom warriors are focused on Me, their Lord. They are waiting for orders to march. I have formulated battle plans for the upcoming season, My loved ones. It is My intention to fully equip My love warriors with every good thing that I have for them. There is a vast array of heavenly weapons that I will give them to defeat the enemy. These weapons, My children, are based on love. My love will bring My justice to the things of this earth for I cherish the righteous, those who have the desire to follow Me, their Lord. They are special to Me, and I will be their shield and their strength. They are, and will be, a testimony of My goodness that will attract those who are looking for the truth, and stability in a fallen world. I am your true peace, loved ones.

Seek Me first, and you will have this true peace. Do not look to other things to bring this to you for there is no stability in them for I am your source of love, peace, and true stability. The I AM that I AM is your true foundation. There is no other. Look no further than to your Heavenly Father if you want true peace beloved.


Daddy God


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