My children, you are on the clock for a countdown to Kingdom. I have set the clock for My church. The alarm is ringing. You need to wake up! There is no more time to lay in the bed of apathy, and lethargy. I have set the time for Kingdom. You are now on a countdown. The time for sleep is over. You need to be awake, and aware that My Kingdom is coming to this world.

I am bringing My Kingdom. There will be no more delays. The days of doing nothing are over. The programs of man are ineffective, and will not work with what I am bringing, because this is well beyond the scope of your experiences of the past.

You need to have a new vision. A vision that I, your Lord, will instill in your spirit. It is a vision of greatness that is on the level of My Heavenly Kingdom, and the abilities of your Lord. Nothing is too hard for Me, My children. There is nothing to big or to small that I can not handle. Your job is to remember this truth that you can trust Me to exceed your expectations all the time. I am not a God that is marginal in My responses to the prayers of My people. I am a God who goes the extra mile in response to My children’s prayers. Soon it will become self-evident to you, My loved ones, that you have a Father in heaven who is more than generous to those who love Me, and trust Me with their lives.

My children, do not expect things to be as they were for I am bringing a fresh vision of Kingdom to you. A new way of looking at what the Kingdom of God is like, and the generosity of your Heavenly Father.


Daddy God


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