Dear ones, am I not the Lord? Have I not spoken restitution over you? Many of you have doubted My ability to do this for you, but despite your unbelief I am going to do this anyway because of who I am. If I say I am going to do something I will follow through.

My promises to you are true and firm because I am a God of My word. If you need proof of this you will get it for I am bringing radical restitution to My Kingdom family. This is above anything you can understand or comprehend for I am going back generations to restore what the enemy has stolen from you. I am going to restore what was stolen from your father’s father, and from his father as well. I have said that this year is the year of the Father. From the Father to the fathers. It is about generational restitution. It is more than just material things. It is about families being restored. In doing this I am restoring the heart of My Kingdom family (church). I am bringing healing to the generations restoring love and honor among families. What the enemy meant for evil I, your Lord, will turn to good. You will see the mighty hand of your Lord bring justice to My Kingdom family individually and corporately on all levels. You will see My mighty hand working on your behalf.

My children, I am your Heavenly Father, and I have your best interest at heart. Your Heavenly Father’s heart is always for you. I will always love you, and speak My good pleasure over you. You need not doubt My plans and purposes, loved ones, for they are for your total good. Trust Me, as your Heavenly Father, to follow through with them.

Love always,

Daddy God


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