Dear children, I am your loving Father who is always with you. You are a delight to Me, and it pleases Me to have you in partnership with Me in these last days. I want you to know that I am always for you. You light up My life, and bring Me great pleasure. It is a joy to have fellowship with you, and I do inhabit the praises of My people.

Dear ones, I want you to believe that you are who I say you are for I see you as you will be. You are in a transitional state from caterpillar to butterfly in a spiritual sense. Your metamorphosis from worldly to heavenly is now taking place, and soon you will be the butterfly I made you to be. My Kingdom is coming, and there is nothing that can stop it, for I am the Lord.

The hearts of My children will be cleansed by My Spirit. I am taking out any impurities that keep you from walking out your destiny for the Kingdom of God. You are who I say you are. Those negative things and behaviors that have been spoken over you by the enemy, and man I am declaring null and void for I am the Lord. You are a part of My Kingdom, and I will cleanse you because you are Mine. I am faithful to you and My word loved ones. You can count on Me to do this because of who I am.

My child, stay focused on Me, your loving Father for I am with you always.


Daddy God


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