My loved ones, the ways of My Kingdom are far different than the ways of the kingdoms and nations of this world. My Kingdom is based on love and honor. We are here to bring honor to one another with love for one another. This is something that is always done in My Kingdom. One is always looking out for the other, and vice versa. We are a Kingdom family. We help each other to achieve things in My Kingdom. We do not do it to gain special favor or to advance our own ends. When we help each other it is done in love with no strings attached. The desire in My Kingdom is to see the other succeed in whatever their assignments are.

My children, the activities of My Kingdom are vast. It is not a place of boredom or inactivity. It is a place of vibrancy. It is full of Kingdom life, and Kingdom life is what I am bringing to My church and creation. It is a new way of living and thinking. I want you to lay down your life, and give it to me, your Lord, so that I can make adjustments in order for you to live the Kingdom life as I designed it to be.

Loved ones, I am bringing a new spirit to My church, not one of division, but one of unity based on love and honor for each other. This is a time where you will rely on each other, and your Lord. A trust will be built that the enemy can not dismantle with his tactics. I am bringing a supernatural unity to My church based on love that the gates of hell will not prevail against. My children, be of good cheer, and be encouraged for a change is coming to My church that will shake the foundations of history and the world.


Daddy God


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