These are the days, My children, of kingdom input from My Kingdom to you. You have only seen and experienced the tip of My Kingdom’s awesomeness.

I can tell you with complete authority that you have not seen anything yet. Those things that you have heard and read about in My word, and those who have experienced different moves of My Holy Spirit are but a small sample of what I am bringing to you, My church, and creation. The flow I am bringing is like a flood except there will be no ebb just flow. In the past you have seen the flow of My spirit, and the ebb of it on different occasions in My church. This time it will be different and far more encompassing for I said I will pour out My Spirit upon all mankind, (Acts 2:17). Nothing like this has happened in the history of mankind. It will be on a scale never seen or experienced before. My loved ones, do not be surprised when it comes for I said I would do this long ago.

My word never returns to Me void. When My words go out they activate actions on levels that you cannot comprehend for My authority is complete. There is nothing that man or the enemy can do to stop it. The reason I am telling you this, My children, is that My Kingdom is coming ready or not. I am a God of total authority and power, and there is no one who can stop it. It’s time for kingdom, loved ones, because I said so.


Daddy God


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