My children, have you given up on those things that have been spoken over you? Those words of prophecy and promises spoken over you through the years. Those glimpses of things to be in your future. Well, I want you to take them out of your hope chest (heart), and dust them off. Look at them again, become familiar with them again.

The season of waiting is coming to a close. I want you to anticipate those things that I have promised you. These things that I will give you will help you to accomplish the destiny that I have spoken over you. My answers that I have for you are much larger than you can envision. For My ways and thoughts are light years ahead of yours, my loved ones. I am saying, oh yes I can bring these things that I have promised you into existence. There is no power in the universe that can keep Me from doing this for I am the Lord. My promises to you have always been firm, and true even throughout this waiting time.

Your future is secure in My Kingdom, loved ones, I have seen to it as your Lord. Your job is just to trust Me because I have said, “Yes I will”. I’ve a sworn duty to do this for I am a God of My word. You will see that I am indeed a trustworthy God, and that you can count on Me to come through for you. I want you to rest in this truth. For I am a God of, “Oh yes I can, and yes I will!”


Daddy God


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