The status-quo of this world is going to be shaken up by your Lord. The same can be said about My church. Things in this world, and in My church are about to be redefined. As your Lord, I can and will do this. Those who have chosen to go the way of the world will be disappointed in their decision to do so. In My church there will be those who will choose to follow a form of religion still worshiping icons and traditions and the programs of man. This, My loved ones, is a trap that the enemy has set to ensnare as many as he can so they will never meet their true God.

My heart is that they would truly know Me. It is the same in the world. There are those who will choose to follow their own lustful ways, and to operate under a spirit of lawlessness. But, there will be those who will seek the one true God. The pull of My Holy Spirit will draw them to the truth. This, My loved ones, will be the true church, not a counterfeit copy, but the real church, the Bride of Christ. As My son, Jesus is the cornerstone you will be the foundation of what I am bringing to this earth which is My Kingdom. I will shake what needs to be shaken. So hold loosely to the things that have no eternal value. When you let go of these things I will replace them with things that will shine throughout eternity. Things that you will take with you when your time is finished on this earth.

My children, choose those things that have everlasting value. Don’t settle for the straw and stubble of this world. Choose to be a part of My Kingdom. This is where your true treasure is. Trust Me, My loved ones, to bring this about.


Daddy God


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