I am your Lord, My church. I am bringing My Kingdom to earth. I cannot make it any plainer to you than this, My loved ones. What is about to take place is well beyond anything you have seen or experienced before. It is My intention to prove My existence to My creation that there is indeed a God in heaven and on earth.

It is also My intention to publicly intervene on behalf of My church. My loved ones, you will be a power to be reckoned with. The power and authority I am bringing will be by My spirit. To walk in this authority and power you must be sold out to Me. I cannot give you this if you have other agendas in your life other than My own. You must give Me your all, loved ones. Your surrender to Me, your Lord, must be complete. There will be no compromise in this, and there will be no exceptions. I am telling you this so you will understand that I am serious about My Kingdom. There cannot be any compromises with the enemy. You cannot serve two masters. You need to choose who you will serve. This is a serious matter, loved ones.

You can no longer drift from one camp to another. You are My chosen ones for this time, and I have to have you consecrated to Me, your Lord. I am telling you this for the love of My Kingdom, and you. The choice is yours, loved ones. Which house will you serve? My children, this is not a game. Only the serious need apply to My Kingdom.


Daddy God


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