Look around My children. What do you see? Do you not see states, nations, and kingdoms in turmoil and chaos within and outside their borders? My loved ones, this is the result of a fallen world by those who have chosen to be their own god. It is an individual and corporate choice. They do what they think is right. The problem is that they were never designed by their creator to govern themselves. I put man on earth to have fellowship with Me, their Lord.

Because of their choices and the nature of sin their decisions will always be skewed. There are those who try to bring justice, but the justice of this world is not My justice, for I know the hearts and agendas of men. That is what I base My justice on, and that is how I will judge My creation. My justice is totally fair and just. I will judge the things of this world, loved ones. You can be sure of it.

There will be a day of reckoning. Do not think that the activities of man or the enemy has not caught My attention. There will be a price to pay for their lawlessness. No sin will have a free pass into My Kingdom.

My heart, loved ones, is that all would come to Me to be forgiven, and washed in the blood of the lamb. It is getting to the point that you must choose who you will serve. You cannot have a foot in the enemy’s kingdom, and one in Mine. There will be no room for compromise with what is coming. You will have to be totally sold out to Me, your Lord God. Nothing else will do.


Daddy God


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