The ways of men are often short-lived, but My ways have eternal value. In My Kingdom My ways are set in the hearts of My people. They are in tune with their creator, and are in perfect harmony with Me, your Lord. That, My loved ones, is what I am bringing to you, “My Kingdom”.

The harmony of My heaven will resonate within your spirit, and will bring unity to My church. It is I, your Lord, who is bringing it. Where you are right now will not bring unity. Your ideas, and programs will no longer be effective. They will not stand up to what the enemy is bringing. You need Me, and My Kingdom, loved ones, for I am bringing a new way of doing things. These things will open up new areas that you have never experienced before.

Your hearts need to be in harmony with Mine, loved ones. There are no “Lone Rangers” with what is coming. This is a team effort, and you will function as the body of Christ. There cannot be a “me” mentality, but it has to be a “we” mentality. You are to help each other as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. One is not greater than the other. You are all important in My Kingdom. I want you to keep in lockstep with each other and with Me. You are coming to a place where it will be critical that you do this. You are Christ’s body. He is the head, and He will lead you.

As your Lord, I assure you I will take you to higher places, but we all need to be headed in the same direction. The only way is the way of the Lord for I am the King of heaven and earth. I have a divine destiny for you, dear ones, and it leads to Kingdom life. Choose to follow Me for I know the way.


Daddy God


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