I am your Lord God, and before time began I had a destiny for you for this time. This is not a coincidence for I, your Lord, laid down a destiny long ago for you and My church. I chose to give you choice, My loved ones, in which stream you want to swim in. There are two streams. One flows into the Kingdom life, and the other flows into stagnation and apathy. You must choose which one you will swim in for I want only those who are totally committed to Me. Those who choose to stay in their old ways will find no contentment or satisfaction in it.

Loved ones, you must choose soon for I, your Lord, am about to bring My Kingdom to earth. I want you to choose the destiny that I have designed for you before time began for I made it just for you. If you choose to continue walking your manmade path you will miss everything that I have for you. I cannot give it to you if you are not totally submitted to Me, your Lord.

Unclean, unsubmitted vessels cannot contain what I am bringing to My church. Those who do submit to Me I will make clean. I will expand their ability to take in more of Me and My spirit, and what I have for them. This, My loved ones, is the only way it is going to work. It is My heart that all would choose My stream, but it is your decision, and I will not interfere with that.

Remember, I do love you, but you still have a choice to make.


Daddy God


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