The Lord has called His angel armies to attention. Orders are being issued. The Lord showed me a picture of blocks of angels in their various regiments who are ready for battle.

The Lord said, “These are the ones I am sending to My people, to My church, and creation. Even as I tell you and show you these things My angel armies are marching. Each of these blocks or regiments of angels are under various banners. These banners have different names: Love, Hope, Faith, Restoration, Fidelity, Healing, Transformation, Unity, etc.. The healing fruits of My spirit are on these banners. They are for you, My loved ones. I send them to you for I am taking you to places and destinations that you have never experienced before.

My angel armies have specific orders to assist My church to bring in the coming age of My Kingdom on earth. They, My loved ones, are on the move, and you will see manifestations of this this year. There will be no more delay for I am bringing My Kingdom to earth. You, My people, have no reason to fear for your Heavenly Father is taking care of you. Do not doubt what I am telling you, My children, for what I say is firm and true for I am the Lord!”


Daddy God


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