Dear ones, as your Lord and Savior I am taking action on your part, and for your benefit. I am restoring what the enemy has stolen from you, whether it is relationships, health, wealth, properties, gifts, etc..

I, your Lord, have taken back those things that the enemy has locked away to prevent you from really knowing Me. As your Father I am generous to you, My children. You will see a pouring out of the various gifts and blessings that have been delayed due to the enemy’s action. It has always been My heart to be generous to you, My loved ones. There will be no more delay for I, your Lord, have acted on your behalf. My children, trust Me to do this.

You notice on restoration and restitution the word “rest”. That is your job. It is to rest in Me. I will complete what I have spoken over you. I will be faithful to follow through with My promises to you. These things were always meant for you, My children, because I am not a stingy God.

I will not withhold any good thing from you, My loved ones. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, but trust your loving Heavenly Father who has many good things for you.


Daddy God


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