My beloved, as your Lord I want you to relax and release those things that you have not given to Me, yet. Those life experiences that were not kingdom building. Those things that hurt you and traumatized you, I want them. I was nailed to a cross for them, My loved ones. They belong to Me for I paid for them. I want you to relax and release them to Me for it is My desire to see you healed up, and walking in total health, body, soul, and spirit.

I want to be your one hundred percent, and I want you to give Me your one hundred percent. It is My desire that you walk and talk one hundred percent Kingdom for you belong to Me. I am going to cleanse you, My loved ones. I have a plan and a purpose for you to bring My kingdom to earth.

You are My representatives or ambassadors on this earth. You have to be “Kingdom healthy” to do this. So, My loved ones, relax and release those things that belong to Me. I went to the cross with you in mind because I love you so much. Your loving savior, Jesus.


Papa God


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