Dear ones I, your Lord, am bringing life back into My church. I am reconstituting the love that My church has lost. I am restoring the love lost between My body.

Words and actions that have hurt My body and have left many wounded ones. It grieves Me when My loved ones wound each other. Your brothers and sisters in Christ are not the enemy. This is the enemy’s way of bringing division to My people. My church was never designed to operate this way. It is based on love and honor for each other. In My kingdom there is no division. In My word it is spoken, “A divided kingdom cannot stand”, and so it is. But you, My loved ones, are citizens of My kingdom, and I am restoring the love that has been lost in My church.

I, your Lord, will restore the love that is needed to bring unity to My body. I will heal up the wounded. Those who are still in the church, and those who have left the church. I will bring My body together. Old wounds will be healed, relationships will be restored. I will bring together a healthy, loving body. One that reflects My kingdom. I will do this by My spirit so you will know that it is the Lord who has done this.

I want you, My loved ones, to rest and trust Me in this. For I will stand by My word. I never fail My word. What I say, I will do. So, My loved ones, be at peace. Your Heavenly Father is at work restoring love to My body.


Papa God


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