Dear ones, I am about to bring many things to the nations. It’s about the choice of My people. Will they or will they not trust Me to bring it to them? They have a choice.

Do you want the kingdom or not? The days of fence sitting are over for I am looking for those who are for My kingdom. I will not accept any lukewarm commitment. You are either hot or cold for My kingdom. Which camp will you choose, My loved ones? I will not interfere with your free will. I am waiting for an answer, but I will not wait much longer. You, My church, need to make a commitment as to which side of the divide you are going to stand on. I want you red hot for My kingdom. For I, your Lord, am ready to bring My kingdom to earth. I want those who have a heart for Me and My kingdom. I will not accept those who have one foot in each camp.

You need to make a commitment as to which camp you will live in. It is My heart that you would choose My camp, but it is a decision that you must make. You cannot have any other gods before Me. It is not acceptable. So choose wisely, My loved ones. You need to be committed to Me one hundred percent.


Daddy God


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