The definition of defacto is (1) actually exercising power, and (2) actually existing. The following is what I heard the Lord say.

“Dear ones, I am exercising My authority over the authority of man and of the enemy. I am establishing My Kingdom over theirs. I am bringing My government, and it will be by My authority for I am the Lord of Hosts. I will show this world the authority of God for I am a God of Glory. The nations of men are not a challenge for Me. I laugh at their efforts to try to silence who I am.

My children, do not be afraid of what is going on around you for I Am the Lord. I have authority over all! All means all, and there are no exceptions. If anyone says that’s impossible they do not know Me, for I Am the King of kings and the Lord of all.

You, My church, put your faith and trust in Me. I Am your Father who looks before and after you. My loved ones I have not missed anything, for I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you and they are good. You can totally trust Me to bring them to pass so do not be afraid, My children. Your Heavenly Father is on the move for you and My creation, and I will prevail.”


Papa God


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