My loved ones, I am restoring harmony to My body. Vibrations of unity will sound throughout My church. Love is the tuning fork I will use to accomplish this. Love is the harmony that My people will sing. It is the music of heavenly realms. It’s a tune that My loved ones will not forget.

Heavenly harmony is what I am bringing to My church. It’s a harmony that brings true unity to My church. I, your Lord, am bringing this harmony to you. This will help you walk in the ways of Kingdom life in complete unity. You will make sweet music together to the amazement of the world. They have never heard or seen such amazing love or unity in My church. It will draw people to Me, your Lord, like moths to a light. For that is what I am, the light of the world. It will draw them from darkness to the light of My truth and love.

I will do this for I am bringing true unity to you, My loved ones. A unity built on love and honor for each other, and your Lord.


Papa God


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