Dear ones, I am about to “spring into action”. This coming spring I will be bringing many things to My body (church). Things that you never have seen or experienced before. I am taking you to a new level of authority. I will be faithful to cleanse you so you can receive what I have for you.

You will no longer wear wool garments, but I will put on you linen garments. You are the priests of the Most High God. I want you in linen garments so the sweat of sin will not cling to your body. For you are the body of Christ. That is what the cleansing is about to wipe away those things that keep you from fully entering into My presence. I am wiping away the distractions in your life. Those things that keep Me from being the center of your life. The cleansing I bring is by My Spirit. This is not something you can do. I do this so you can truly walk in kingdom. Your efforts, and actions will not make this happen. I want you to rest and trust Me to do this for you. That is your job. It is to rest in Me. Trust Me to carry this out for I am a God of My word.

My children, you are the body of Christ, and I am making you a clean and spotless bride for My Son. Do not resist My cleansing of you, but submit to it for it is required to enter into My kingdom. Remember, I do this for your ultimate good, and because I love you.


Papa God


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