Listen, My children. I am the Lord. I am about to bring My kingdom to earth. It’s based on the dynamics of kingdom life. In My kingdom it’s about helping each other, not to gain but to see that the other is successful. It’s a help that is based on love and honor. It’s about helping each other to achieve the destinies that I have spoken over you. In My kingdom one assignment is not more important than the other. They have equal value. Because you are a body one cannot operate without the other. You are to love and honor the body of Christ.

I have assigned different things for My sons and daughters to do. You are not to judge the importance of those assignments. As your Lord I look at them as equally important. For I have given each one of you a kingdom assignment to do. I want you to stay within the parameters of your assignment. Do not try to go where you are not assigned. I have equipped you and designed a certain way for you to go. Do not go and try to promote yourselves for I will do the promoting. I know what’s in your heart. I also know what you can handle and can not handle. I will honor those who stay the course I have set before them. Those who choose to go a different path other than what I have assigned for them I will not honor.

Loved ones, it’s about staying on your kingdom assignment for it is important to Me, as your Lord, that you do. It is also beneficial to you, and the body of Christ. As your Heavenly Father I will help you in your kingdom walk. Trust Me to keep you on the right path.


Papa God


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