Last night I had a dream. I saw the Lord burning or etching with a laser-like light. I knew that He was writing something then I woke up. This morning I inquired about it to the Lord. The following is what I heard.

I am the Lord, and I am marking the hearts of My saints with the words, “Property of Yahweh”. You, My loved ones, belong to Me and no other for I am your Lord. I have put My brand on you for you are mine. I am a jealous God, and I have set you aside for Myself. You are a unique people who I have created for this time.

Get ready to go beyond anything you have experienced or anything that you can imagine or expect. Where I am taking you is well beyond anything My church has experienced in the past. I seal you with My mark so that the world will know that you are mine. I want you to relax and rest in Me, My loved ones. This thing that I do is being done because I choose to.

You will be enabled to do the kingdom assignment that I have designed for you by the mark I am putting on your heart. I want you to feel the burn in your heart, My loved ones. That is My love for you, and a desire for you to finish well. So be at peace, My children, for I am looking out for you. Remember, you are the property of the King of kings.


Daddy God


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