I, your heavenly father, am calling you My Beloved Ones for a cleansing of your hearts by My spirit. I am doing this because I love you. I know you cannot do this on your own. I want to do this for you so you can live and move in kingdom life.

I want you to seek Me, your Lord, for I will be faithful to cleanse your heart and mind so you can receive what I have for you. I am ready to download many different gifts, ideas, strategies, and answers to My church and creation. I am sending healing to you, My loved ones. I want to cleanse your heart and mind so you can go out and do your kingdom assignment. I know, My loved ones, the condition of your heart and what needs healing there. I will speak My love and truth over you. Your spiritual eyes and ears will be opened so you will have full use of them. This will help you to operate as a child of My kingdom.

I will be faithful to you, and My word that I have spoken over you. My love language is LOVE. Every word that I speak is TRUTH. My heart is for you, My beloved, for I am a trustworthy God. I will never forsake you or abandon you. You have My word on it!

Love always,

Papa God


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