Dear Ones:

I am about to pour out My spirit upon My church. It will be massive in scope. There has not been anything like this in the history of man for I, the Lord, have a plan and a purpose for My people and creation.

You are not just to be a spectator, but you are a key part of bringing My kingdom to earth. You will participate in partnership with Me, your heavenly father, in bringing My kingdom to earth. I am about to bring those things to My church that are needed to accomplish what I have spoken over My creation. I will be looking at the hearts of My people. This will be the way you will be qualified or disqualified to receive what I have for you. To take on what I have for you your hearts must be true to Me.

There cannot be any other agenda than My own. I will not give to those who want to go their own way or build their own kingdom. The gifts I give can only be received by those who have surrendered their all to Me, your heavenly father. I am telling you this so if you have not given Me your all you still can. There is still time, My loved ones, but do it soon! For this earth is on My timetable and things are coming to a close.

Look to Me, My loved ones, for I am the one who can make a difference in your lives. I will be very generous to those who seek Me first, and have no other agenda than seeing My kingdom established here on earth. Remember, My loves ones, I am He who makes all good things possible.


Papa God


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