I am bringing excellence to My church. My people will reflect excellence to the lost. They will reflect My holy spirit on this world.

I want you to know, My children, I see you as excellent. You are created for this time. You are, and will be the cream of the crop. I see you as excellent, My loved ones. You are going to bring the kingdoms “A” game. There are going to be things that happen that people will say, “Only God could do this”.

I plan to unleash an overwhelming love over My creation through My church. I will wash away those things that have held you back from operating in kingdom. I will do this by My spirit. Even though you have waited and wondered I will fulfill what I have spoken over you, My church, and creation.

I am the Lord, and I decree and declare kingdom excellence over you. You are mine, and it will show. Do not be surprised, loved ones, for I will bring excellence from Me to you. Look for it because it’s coming soon.

Decree and declare it, My loved ones, for it is time for kingdom. Remember you are indeed loved by your heavenly Father.


Papa God


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