Many are saying, “Where are you Lord?” I say to you I am here! I have not forsaken or forgotten you, My loved ones. I have taken an oath to fulfill all that I have spoken over you!

You do not stand alone for I am with you! Take courage, My loved ones, for I will follow through even though you see the fabric of man and the world unraveling. I, your Lord, am bringing a new way. A Kingdom way of living every day. Look to Me for your every day needs for I will surely supply them. Do not hold to the old ways of doing things for I am bringing a new way. Your job is just to trust Me and My way. For what I bring is far above anything you could bring about. Do not trust the old ways, but trust Me to bring the way of My Kingdom to you.

Draw close to Me, My children, for I shall surely supply. I will bring those things that I have promised, and spoken over you even though you may not see them yet. For I am the Lord! You shall see My glory, and that My word is firm and true. Do not be discouraged, My people. Look up for I am your source of all good things. I will be your source, loved ones. You have My word on it!

Seek Me first, and the Kingdom of God will be given to you. Hold close to Me in the coming days for I am your healer, protector, provider, and salvation.

Your loving father of earth and heaven,

Papa God


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