I will not relent until My kingdom is established here on earth. Many think that nothing is going to happen, but I tell you they are going to be amazed for I will pour out My Holy Spirit on the masses. It will be a witness to this world that this God is not dead. I am alive and well, and I will not be mocked. I see what people are doing. I also see their hearts. Nothing is hidden from Me. No one is getting away with anything. There will be a price to pay for their transgressions. It will not be a free ride forever for I will speak My justice over people, leaders, and nations. I did not speak My laws and precepts for them to be ignored or broken. I will enforce My words and laws to those who are in rebellion against Me. I will shake things in their lives that have never been shaken before. You will also see this in the natural.

For those who honor My laws and precepts I will honor them. I will be faithful to them. I will show them great favor in their every day lives. I plan to pour out great blessing over them and their families. I will give them much greater authority over situations, and circumstances that they come up against in their every day lives. My people will learn to live Kingdom. I will personally take a hand in it to see that they do. My plan is to take back what is mine. I created this world, and it belongs to Me your Lord God. So attention My people. Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to take back your inheritance? Greater is He that is in Me than those who are in the world. That, My children, is a true statement, and I am about to prove it!


Daddy God


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