Listen, My people. This is a year of action. I am acting on behalf of My children. I am bringing the things that have been delayed by the enemy. Things that you have longed for, and have been faithfully praying for. I am breaking down the barriers that the enemy has put in place to block My answers to you.

I am a faithful God, and I fully intend to carry out what I have spoken over you. It’s My fight, and I will win! Nothing can stand between Me and My loved ones for I am God.

This is the year of answers. Yes, I said answers. I will carry out My plans for you, My church, and My creation. This is a no holds barred fight. I am about to release My angels who have been on stand-by. They carry the things that you need to advance My kingdom on earth. I will also send My warring angels with them to destroy any barriers that the enemy has put in place.

Remember, My loved ones. It is I who is in charge. Despite what you see going on around you I will prevail for I am the Lord. Your circumstances should not have your attention. Your attention needs to be focused on Me, your loving Father, for I have a future, and a hope for you My child. I will complete what I have started. My words do not come back to Me void for I am the Lord of Angel Armies. You have My word on it. Trust Me to carry it through.

With love and honor,

Your Heavenly Father

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