I am about to do a monumental thing in My church. A thing that has not been experienced by My church as a whole. I am releasing things that have not been released in the past. I am also doing a new thing on a very large scale. I am going to give it to those who I see as heart qualified. Those who do not put anything else above Me. There are those who are going to be surprised by who I choose to use in My kingdom movement. There are also those who I will demote for their heart is not where it is supposed to be. They cannot serve two masters. I am a Holy God, and I will not share the things that are clean with unclean vessels.

You need to choose who you will serve. Are you willing to die to yourself? Are you willing to be obedient to My leading? I will not tolerate unclean motives or actions by people who say they are mine. I want the true hearts that have no other motives, but to bring My kingdom to a fallen world. Be careful, My church, how you choose. One leads to life, and the other to death. I am going after the lost. I want to free them from the lies of the enemy. I will not allow an extra burden to be placed on those who I have freed up by the actions of those who confess they are mine when they are not.

Remember, My loved ones, I know your heart. You cannot hide anything from Me. My heart is that all would know Me and come into My kingdom, but I gave you choice and I will not interfere with that.

I implore you to choose wisely, and be honest with Me and yourself for I am your Lord God who knows your heart.


Your Loving Papa God

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