Imagine the things of the kingdom operating in churches around the world for that is about to become a reality for My church. I am going into a time of activation of those things I have been speaking over My children and My creation.

The time has come to turn on the switch of kingdom creativity. There will be things that My church has overlooked that I will be addressing and bringing correction to. Those who accept this new look that I am giving My church will enter into kingdom creativity and new life. Those who choose to stick to the old model of church will not enter into the new life I have spoken over My church for I am a God who loves to create new things. I love for My children to be creative for that is how I made you to be just like your Papa God.

There are sound principles that I have established in My church from the beginning, and those will not change. But I am going to breathe new life and new creativity in how you do church. You need to be open for that to happen. I want to put excitement back in your heart to let creative juices flow that I have designed within you to work with the gifts I have spoken over you. I can tell you this, My beloved, My heavenly kingdom is not boring. It is vibrant with life and creativity. I want you, My church, to operate under these same principles.

So My loved ones be open to a new look that your heavenly father wants you to operate in. Are you ready for a new kingdom look?


Daddy God

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