Dear children, My kingdom awaits those who are in tune with My holy spirit. I am about to take you to a new place, a new level of relationship with Me. Be open to where I am taking you for I am leading you to your destiny that I have spoken over you. You need to trust Me in this transition. I don’t want you to be afraid or hesitant about where I am taking you for what I have for you will be beyond anything that you have asked for or imagined. You need to rest in, and trust the destiny that I have designed specifically for you.

The things I am bringing you I guarantee will stretch your faith. I am about to exercise your faith. I am going to give your faith muscles a long, and strong workout. So when I ask you to do something or pray for something there will be no doubt in your mind or heart of My ability to fulfill the assignment that has been set before you by My holy spirit.

I am erasing those things in you that would diminish your faith in Me. You are about to see what your heavenly Father is quite capable of doing so there will be no doubt in your mind of My abilities to bring victory to you, your family, My church, and the nations. Your Daddy God is about to flex My muscles of love, and power over you. As I do this your faith levels will soar to new heights. You will know in your heart, and mind that your Daddy God is capable of taking on anything that the enemy throws at you. You will be at peace, and you will have total confidence in Me, your heavenly Father.

So, My loved ones, get ready to exercise that muscle of faith for I am bringing My kingdom to earth through you.


Daddy God

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