My dear children, I am the Lord God your redeemer and maker. I have made you and designed you to fit the time you are currently living in. Soon you will see the design of My heart for you, and My creation. For I am putting into you a mindset that reflects My perfect will for you and My creation. It has characteristics of My kingdom, and what every day living in My kingdom is like.

In order for you to live in a kingdom mindset I will bring to you a kingdom heart set that you will know the heart of your Father for you and My creation. I am about to remove those things that have restrained you from living in the fullness of kingdom life. That the truths of My love for you and My creation will become crystal clear to you.

You need to know My total love for you, and the joy you bring Me every day of your life. I am removing those things in you that keep you from seeing that. I am removing any doubt about My goodness and love that I have for you. That your kingdom life with Me will be whole and complete. You need not look elsewhere for happiness or contentment for you have already captured My heart, My loved ones.

I sent My only son (Jesus) to set you free from the snares of the enemy, and to give you the right to have relationship with Me, your heavenly father. Look to Me in the coming days for I will provide the answers that are needed to guide you through what is coming.

Trust Me, My beloved, to be there for you. These words that I have spoken to you are totally true and reliable.


Daddy God

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  1. Mich says:

    Beautiful ! Thank You Daddy God šŸ™‚

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