Right now, My children, I call you to be part of My kingdom. The time has come to become what I called you to be. What I have spoken over you when I created you. The things I have spoken over you are not mere words, but these words have abundant life in them. They are words with substance for you are the body of Christ.

The things I have spoken over you are coming into activation. They have been like a dormant seed ready to grow at the right time. That time is now. The transition from dormancy to life is taking place. You, My children, are ready to blossom to become the beauty that I created you to be. I am calling you to kingdom life. You will take off the rags of the past, and put on your kingdom armor that I, your Lord, have prepared for you.

You are going from an old wineskin to a new wineskin. For the new wine I have for you is of kingdom quality. This wine is a pure wine. There are no impurities in it. The level I am bringing you to is a place where you will walk, talk and live kingdom. The things that used to trip you up will do so no more. You will operate in total confidence in the abilities and love of your Heavenly Father. I, your Daddy God, will act on your behalf because of My promises to you, and the destinies that I have spoken over you.

Watch and see, My Beloved, if this that I have spoken over you does not come to pass soon. I will keep My word to you, and my creation for I am not just a mere man. I am the Lord God of the Heavenly Armies, the one who fulfills destinies.


Daddy God

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