My people, I am about to bring about activation to those things that I have spoken over you and have promised you. These are not words of more of the same. I am talking true activation. A release of those things that you have been waiting for. The wait has been long and hard, but in that time I have been preparing the way for you. I have been removing the obstacles that have tried to block the flow of My spirit of truth and love over you, My church, and creation.

What I am bringing is an activation of a spirit of love that I will pour out upon all flesh. My spirit will open up many doors that have been closed in the past. This spirit of love will melt the hard hearts of many. They will see and know the heart of their heavenly Father for them. This truth will destroy the lies of the enemy, and the strongholds he has built in people’s hearts. My love and truth will set them free.

I, your Lord, want you and them to be free to operate in how I created you to be for I have given many gifts to My creation that will glorify My name. I am about to act on your behalf. The things you have struggled with will be dealt with by your I AM. I am for you, and I want you to walk out the promises and prophecies that I have spoken over you. Stand by for kingdom for that is where I am taking you.

Be ready for it is coming as sure as I speak over you. It will come into existence. You will experience My good pleasure and the love that I have for you, My beloved. You can count on it!


Daddy God

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