Listen up, My people. I am the Lord your God! In the future, in My kingdom, there will be legends of truth about the extraordinary feats of My people. Many will be generals in My army. Just as the valor of the mighty men of David there will be stories of one or two putting to flight the hoards of the enemy, of taking out giants, and bringing destruction to the works of the enemy. For I, your Lord, am raising up a mighty army.

Your standard is truth, love, and integrity. I will, and am, equipping you to do great works in My name for My glory. You are about to witness a time that will literally shift the atmosphere over people, places, cities, and nations for I will respond to the darkness with greater light. I am about to light up the world with My spirit. For I am going to pour it out over the nations. It will awaken My sleeping warriors, the legions I will raise up for such a time as this.

You, My loved ones, are people of legendary quality. Many exploits of My love for My creation will be done through you for My glory. You will be known as radiant warriors for you will bring the light of My truth to many dark places. I am doing this for the sake of My good name. I also do it for the sake of My people and creation for I love what I created. It has always been meant for good. I intend to set things right, and bring My justice to those things that are brought by the kingdom of darkness. For this is My creation. It does not belong to the enemy.

So get ready, My loved ones, to be legions of legend. The annals of kingdom history will echo with the stories of the great feats of My people for My glory. For I am a great God who leads a great people.


Daddy God

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