The energy of My love for My church, and creation is high and beyond measure. The love I have for you is “off the charts”. This is a love that blows past your understanding for I, your Lord, have many good things that are coming your way. I have purposely done this to show you I am serious about My reputation as your heavenly father. A father who is looking out for your best interest. A father who gave you a way to be with Me throughout eternity.

What’s coming will, and is designed with love to fit you like a well-tailored suit. What I am releasing to you will change your world and the world around you for I am bringing healing to the nations. The nations belong to Me. I have given them to My Son Jesus for He is coming back to rule and reign. What you expect that kind of world to look like, and what it will look like in kingdom reality will go far beyond your expectations. What’s coming will be quantum to you, but in My kingdom normal.

Much has been said and prophesied over My church, but in the end it is I, your Lord, who will define what My church will look like. For My ways are higher than your ways, and My strategies are higher than your strategies.

What I am telling you, My beloved, is that I have everything well in hand for I designed you, this world, and the universe around you. You need not fear or be anxious for I am the one who has a master plan that was designed before the beginning of time for you and My creation. Do not be distracted by what you hear that makes you fearful, but look to Me for I am bringing the answers, and healing to the nations for what is coming. I, the Lord, am the answer to all the ills of a desperate world.

So, My loved ones, be encouraged for change is coming in the form of quantum love that I have for you and My creation.


Daddy God

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