Listen, My loved ones. The wait is almost over. For some it has been a weighty wait. Some wonder, Are you there Lord? Do you hear us Lord? When are you going to act, Lord?

I, your Lord, says this. I have heard you, I have not left you nor are my words and prophecies over you void. For I am the Lord of Hosts. The mighty one. The one who speaks truth and life over you. I am the hope giver, the one who loves to bless My people. I tell you this, My loved ones, if I said it I will do it!

My heart is for you, My children. I will never forget you or disappoint you. My plans for you are coming to the forefront. Soon you will see the reality of what I promised you starting to come to pass. It’s time to heighten your expectations for I am ready to act on behalf of My children, My church, My creation, and the nation of Israel. Things are about to change for I am bringing the principles of My kingdom to earth.

My justice will prevail for I will not tolerate My church being polluted by the policies of the enemy or the religion of man. For I alone am God. I will not allow any unclean thing into My kingdom. That is why I will have a bride without spot or wrinkle. A cleansing is coming to My church. I will bring healing to her. My truth will wash away any impurities. She will rise up, and know her authority and who she is in Christ. The enemy will not be able to stand against her for she is mine.

So get ready, My children, to see My truth come forth, and those things that I have spoken over you to come to pass. Remember, My loved ones, you are My first love, and I need to be your first love.


Daddy God

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1 Response to A WEIGHTY WAIT

  1. michele hunter says:

    On so many levels your blog has touched me today. The idea of God being my Daddy, and thinking of him like my Daddy has been in my spirit for about a week now. I never had a Daddy. I’ve been having these brief visions of me and my Daddy God together. It’s been a strange and wonderful experience. Then today I got home from church and the words Daddy God were going over and over inside me. I googled it and I found your blog. It has been an amazing last 30 mins for me as I read what Daddy God has said. There are so many things that are here that were meant specifically for me. I thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit in posting this!! I will spend a great deal of time here I’m sure.

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