My children, many of you have been waiting for a long time to see the promises and prophecies that I have spoken over you to come into being. Many have become skeptical, and doubtful that they will see these things come to pass, but I tell you, My loved ones, that My word stands firm. You can take it to the bank. You can count on it for I am a God of My word.

I am about to clear the various streams that flow from My throne room to you, My loved ones. There have been various obstacles put in place by the enemy to block the flow of My promises, and blessings to you, but I tell you, My loved ones, I am about to remove those obstacles. I will do it in a twinkling of any eye. It will happen so fast you will be amazed, and awed by it, and you will know that it is I, your Lord God, who has done this. All glory belongs to Me! This will be a God thing, not a man thing. I will remove all obstacles stopping the flow of promises, and destinies that I have spoken over you. It is I who will do this!

The flow will be steady and true with no interruptions. When you ask your heavenly Father you shall receive the answer I have for you. I will not hold back any good thing from My children. The various streams that flow from Me to you hold kingdom treasures, healing, wisdom, discernment, joy, peace, love, honor, integrity, new ideas,  inventions, cures for various ailments, and much more.

My seven mountains will be covered with My kingdom flow. Kingdom creativity will blossom, and grow. My church and creation will know there is a God in heaven. Then the choice will be theirs whether to trust Me or not, whether to accept Me as their Father or not.

My heart is that all would come to the knowledge of knowing My son Jesus as their savior. Just know, My loved ones, what I have promised and spoken over you will happen, you have My word on it.


Daddy God

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