As you have just experienced a change in time expect to see and experience a shift or a time of change in My church. The things I am bringing to My church will require yielded hearts and lives.

The old way is not going to be the new way. The old way of “doing church” will not work. People are looking for the real deal, not the same ideas rehashed in a newer format. I, your Lord, who is the creator of all have some ideas I would like to share with those who are willing to listen. That requires trusting Me, and letting Me lead. The responsibilities and ideas of doing a new thing in My church will come from Me. I will do this. This is not going to be a man made church agenda, but a God made church agenda. What I am about to do man cannot possibly do in his own strength or understanding.

I am the God of wisdom, and understanding. I made them. You need to ask Me for wisdom, and understanding to bring My kingdom to earth. This is not a request. It is a requirement. You need to ask Me. For the ideas, and wisdom I will release will truly be something that My church, and creation has never seen or experienced before.

My children, trust Me to bring what My church, and creation have been looking for. They will know My love, and truth when they see it and feel it. It will be like finding a long lost friend. For I am your friend as well as your God. I have always loved you, and cherished you as My sons, and daughters.

Listen to your papa, and let Me do this. I want you just to trust Me. I want you to rest and trust in Me. I will do what I said I would do.


Daddy God

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