Listen to Me, My children. I am about to make you kingdom natural.

The things and thoughts that are in My kingdom will soon be yours. You will walk, talk, and operate in kingdom principles. My kingdom will become your kingdom. Your nature will be as if you were in heaven. It’s My heart, My loved ones, to not only heal your body but also your soul. I made you a three part being: body, soul and spirit, and I want you healed in all areas.

I want you completely well in all areas so you can be kingdom natural. My plan is to make you whole so it will be easy for you to call down My kingdom to earth. When you operate with kingdom wholeness you will see immediate results when you pray and speak My truth over My creation.

I will give much to those whose heart is whole and complete, because they can be trusted with the treasures of heaven. I will not give the weighty things of heaven to those who are not heart ready. They would not only damage themselves, but also those around them. Ask Me, loved ones, to come into those areas of your heart that need My healing touch. Those areas that you have been holding back from Me. Give Me those areas of shame, of hurt, of pride, the wounds of the past. Trust Me, loved ones, to heal you and make you whole for that is what I want to do.

I want you to be kingdom natural so that I will be able to give you the things of My kingdom. Remember, My loves ones, I am for you. But I will not give you something that you cannot handle, because I love you too much to see you hurt yourself or others.


Daddy God

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