My plan, My children, is to season My church with My truth, My love, My holiness. It is in your best interest to trust Me to do this.

It is vital for you to lay down your agendas, and to take up mine. Man made agendas will not cut it for My church anymore. You need to ask Me, papa God, what your agenda should look like for I have a plan and a purpose for each individual who are of My kingdom. I have uniquely designed an agenda for each of you. These agendas will blend together. They will give My church and creation a strong taste of who I am. They will taste My love for them. They will know the truth when they taste it, and they will know that it comes from a holy God.

Let Me flavor My church, loved ones, for I know what it should taste like. Remember, loved ones, you are the salt of the earth. Anywhere you go or anywhere I send you, you will season that area. They will taste the goodness of God. They will be drawn to Me because they love the taste of papa God.

They will know that they are loved unconditionally, and that I have a special destiny for them that is for their benefit. My heart, My loved ones, is to strongly season you with papa’s love so that it just flows out of you onto others. Taste and see, My children, for what I speak here will happen for I have spoken it. You are the seasoning for a lost and dying world who have no hope. I am the hope of the world, and I bring the taste of life and liberty to those who are enslaved to sin.

This world will taste of My goodness before it will taste of My wrath. I want them to have that chance before My son Jesus comes back to rule and reign. So be encouraged, My loved ones, for you bring the flavor of My love to those who are without hope.


Daddy God

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