My children, lets talk about your future.

Are you apprehensive about your future? Are you uncertain or afraid? Well, let Me, your papa God put you at ease. You need to remember who I am. I am the one who created time. I am the one who gives you a yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am able to operate without time constraints. The laws of time do not apply to Me. I created time for you so you could see My creativity in the various seasons of the year.

I give you a time to sew, and a time to reap. A time of activity, and a time of rest. A time of work, and a time of worship. I set the model for you. Remember when I created the earth in six days, and I rested on the seventh? The point is, My children, that I am in your past, your present, and your future. For time is not an obstacle to Me. I created it. Its laws do not apply to Me for I, the Lord, am the potter, and not the clay.

I can move through time with ease. What I am trying to say here child is that I am already there in your future. When your future becomes present I have gone before you setting up and bringing forth those promises, prophecies, and destinies that I have spoken over you. Yes, your papa God is looking out for you for when I speak a future and a hope over you that is exactly what I mean.

So, My children, be anxious for nothing. Rest in My promises to you. Your papa God loves you. Just trust Me with your past, present, and future for I am already there.


Daddy God

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