My children, do not be afraid. Do not be anxious for anything! For I am with you and for you.

As you look around, and as you study your circumstances do not be dismayed for I, your Lord, will bring answers to your circumstances, and I will do it by My mighty hand. Do not strive for My favor for you. You already have it. What I have spoken over you and My creation I will do by My mighty hand. What will happen will be done by My mighty hand not by your works or striving to get it done. For what I am about to do will astound you and the nations. You, My church, and the nations will know that there is indeed a God in heaven who is concerned about your well being.

I love you, My children, and creation, and I have a purpose and a plan for you as well as a future and a hope. What I have said I will do by My mighty hand, I will do. Am I not the Lord of Hosts? It does not matter how big your problem is or a nations problems are for I am the Lord. I have an answer for those things that look insurmountable to you or to a nation. I will bring My peace to you and to the nations. I want you, My children, to rest in My promises, in My word for you, that I am faithful to fulfill what I have spoken over you. My promises to you and to the nations will be fulfilled by My mighty hand. There is nothing that can stop Me from doing this for My promises to you I must fulfill for I am a God of My word. It stands firm and true.

I have not changed. I Am that I Am. Believe those things that I have spoken, and promised you for I will do it! Don’t give up the hope for I will indeed come through for you because I said so! Trust and rest in Me, My loved ones, for I truly do only want the best for you. Remember, I am your answer.


Daddy God

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